Horse Racing Supplements: A Natural Alternative for Clean Sport

Table of Contents

Horse Racing Supplements: A Natural Alternative for Clean Sport

Table of Contents

Every year new innovative supplements enter the horse racing arena. Many are new formulations of older products; others have emerged from groundbreaking scientific developments in recent years.

Performance horses are pushed to their limits along with their riders because that’s the nature of the sport, and supplement companies help horse owners, trainers, and riders support the health of horses while providing ways to increase performance.

This article aims to make you aware of one such product that is scientifically proven, has no side effects, and is approved by horse racing federations for use. This gel formulation (CarnoGel) can be used to reduce muscle fatigue, increase performance, and strengthen joints, tendons, and ligaments that are susceptible to injury. 

It’s a sure win for the horse racing community. 

Let’s examine some of those benefits. 

Reduced muscle fatigue and increased performance

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Carnosine is found in high concentrations in skeletal muscle tissue, where it helps to buffer the build-up of lactic acid during exercise. This can help to delay muscle fatigue and improve endurance performance. 

A study by Piccione et al., 2010 showed there is a strong correlation between exercise performance and lactate-related variations in horses. [1] During aerobic exercise, glucose is decomposed by glycolysis to produce energy. However, a lack of oxygen during anaerobic glycolysis can turn glucose into pyruvic acid. This pyruvic acid, in turn, produces lactic acid under the condition of insufficient oxygen. Accumulated lactic acid acidifies body tissues and blood, causing physical fatigue and deterioration of exercise performance.

The answer to training longer and faster recovery is to buffer the build-up of lactic acid. However, in competitive sports, you need to do this legally and without harmful side effects for the horses

For example, trying to solve this problem led trainers to start feeding horses a pre-race ‘milkshake’ of baking soda along with electrolytes, sugar, and water administered via nasogastric tube. It was thought to prevent muscle fatigue and increase performance but it was also illegal. [2]

The scientifically proven solution to buffering lactic acid

CarnoGel is one of the few supplements approved by horse racing federations for use in buffering lactic acid. Because it is a natural compound that is already found in muscle tissue, it is not considered a harmful substance. Your horse’s muscle tissue will metabolize it in the same way it does other amino acids. 

By applying CarnoGel 15 minutes before and after exercise, the active ingredients go to work in the muscle tissue, acting as a protection against lactic acid build-up. After racing, your horse will also recover faster because the negative effects of lactic acid on the body tissues and blood will be greatly reduced. Carnosine also naturally increases blood flow, which helps remove toxic by-products that accumulate as a result of intensive exercise. 

Decrease injuries during training and competition.

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Few things end competitive racing as abruptly as injuries. These injuries often occur during training. A paper published on PubMed concluded that 21% of horses intending to compete in a CCI did not start due to injury. 43% percent of these injuries involved soft tissue structures with injuries to the superficial digital flexor tendon and the suspensory ligament each accounting for 33%. [3]

Injuries as a result of overexercise are a concern for everyone involved in horse racing.  Strains, sprains, tendonitis, cellulitis, suspensory ligament injuries, and fractures are some of the reasons horses don’t make it to the starting block.

The solution lies in strengthening tendons, ligaments, and joints naturally. This can be achieved through your horse’s diet by adding vitamins and minerals that promote and support healthy musculoskeletal structures and the immune system.

However, you can also supplement these efforts by adding CarnoGel, which can be directly applied to muscle tissue and provide the protein building blocks that strengthen tendons, ligaments, and joints.

The mechanisms by which CarnoGel does this are:

  • Buffering lactic acid and reducing it’s negative effects
  • Acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory, decreasing cytokines that promote inflammation
  • Acting as an antioxidant, protecting cell membranes from oxidative stress

Recovery from ligament and tendon injuries can remove your horse from competition for weeks and sometimes months. To avoid this, you need to protect your horse from injury. This requires a multi-prong approach, which includes diet, adequate recovery times, and support therapies that aid your horse during intense exercise. 


CarnoGel has been specifically formulated to meet the needs of performance horses. Scientifically backed and supported by horse racing federations, this natural gel provides your horse with the ability to recover from intense training sessions faster and perform better on the track. 

It reduces inflammation, acts as an anti-oxidant (reducing the negative effect of reactive oxygen species), and promotes the health of tendons, ligaments, and joints. 

Furthermore, it is scientifically proven, and the ingredients are backed by over 800 researchers so will not harm the health of your horse in any way. It only provides protective benefits – nothing else. 

Safe. Supportive. Scientific. Superior in every way. 

Redefine the boundaries of your horse’s performance capacity with CarnoGel.