How Long Can a Horse Run?

Horses are magnificent creatures known for their speed, stamina, and grace and have long been associated with power and resilience. This unique blend of strength and endurance is an integral part of their appeal and utility, contributing to their prominent role in history, sport, and companionship. As horse owners, understanding the limitations and capabilities of […]

Is Carnosine The Best Supplement For Performance Horses?

As a devoted horse owners, your animal’s health and well-being are undoubtedly at the forefront of your concerns. You invest immeasurable time and effort in exercise routines, specialized training programs, and meticulous care to ensure your horse is in peak physical condition. When it comes to performance horses, the stakes are even higher. These equine […]

Horse Stifle Injuries: Prevention, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

The horse’s stifle joint, often compared to the human knee, is one of the most complex joints in the equine body. Unfortunately, its intricate structure and role in supporting a horse’s weight make it vulnerable to a variety of injuries.  A stifle injury can range from soft tissue injuries involving the medial patellar ligament and […]

Horse Health Care With Carnosine

The Most Useful Horse Health Products on the Market

In the majestic world of horses, every gallop echoes with power, and every stride reflects robust health. However, even these noble creatures are not immune to the toll of time and wear.  Enter carnosine, a scientifically backed compound that promises to redefine equine well-being. From its role in muscle vitality to its potential in age-related […]

Horse Overreach Injury: A Comprehensive Guide

horse overreach injury

Image courtesy of Canva/Getty Images Signature What is an overreach injury? Overreach injuries occur when the hind foot or hind hoof steps on the front heel or the back of the pastern of the horse’s leg. When the horse is fatigued and is less co-ordinated, or is doing fast work or jumping, this is more […]

Horse Racing Supplements: A Natural Alternative for Clean Sport

Horse Race

Every year new innovative supplements enter the horse racing arena. Many are new formulations of older products; others have emerged from groundbreaking scientific developments in recent years. Performance horses are pushed to their limits along with their riders because that’s the nature of the sport, and supplement companies help horse owners, trainers, and riders support […]

Horse with a Broken Leg – How Can You Aid in Recovery?

Horse fractures are something that can occur quickly and unexpectedly.  A horse lands awkwardly during a training session, putting excessive weight on one leg, causing either a hairline fracture or a more severe compound fracture.    Another horse missteps due to a hidden hole or on a large stone while playing in the pasture and twists […]

How to Speed Up Horse Recovery After Race

Like an athlete unable to run another marathon the next day, a racehorse also requires a period of recovery after each race to prevent injuries and maintain their peak physical condition. Racing subjects their bodies to immense physical strain, taxing their muscles, bones, and joints. They need time to rest and recover.  But how much […]