How Long Can a Horse Run?

Horses are magnificent creatures known for their speed, stamina, and grace and have long been associated with power and resilience. This unique blend of strength and endurance is an integral part of their appeal and utility, contributing to their prominent role in history, sport, and companionship. As horse owners, understanding the limitations and capabilities of […]

Carnosine – A Groundbreaking Muscle Recovery Supplement For Horses

Copyright ©FEI/Yong Teck Lim Effective muscle recovery involves not just the restoration of strength and elimination of fatigue but also the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissues. This is particularly crucial in horses, given their heavy reliance on muscle strength and endurance for activities ranging from racing and show jumping to dressage and recreational riding. […]

Horse Racing Supplements: A Natural Alternative for Clean Sport

Horse Race

Every year new innovative supplements enter the horse racing arena. Many are new formulations of older products; others have emerged from groundbreaking scientific developments in recent years. Performance horses are pushed to their limits along with their riders because that’s the nature of the sport, and supplement companies help horse owners, trainers, and riders support […]

How to Speed Up Horse Recovery After Race

Like an athlete unable to run another marathon the next day, a racehorse also requires a period of recovery after each race to prevent injuries and maintain their peak physical condition. Racing subjects their bodies to immense physical strain, taxing their muscles, bones, and joints. They need time to rest and recover.  But how much […]

How to Reduce Swelling in a Horse’s Leg: Major Causes and Prevention

A variety of factors cause swollen legs in horses. The culprits behind swelling usually include fluid accumulation due to injury or infection, soft tissue damage caused by a sprain or strain, and a lack of blood flow due to damaged blood vessels.  Dealing with swelling due to injuries or physical conditions can be frustrating for […]

How to Cool Down a Horse After Riding

Like many animals, horses sweat to regulate their body temperature. However, they might find it challenging to cool down adequately in extreme heat or after vigorous exercise. That’s why it’s important to assist your horse in cooling down to maintain their health and performance. This guide will explore effective strategies for cooling down a horse […]