Understanding Suspensory Injuries in Horses

A suspensory injury can potentially be very serious, and early diagnosis and treatment are essential to give the horse the best chance to recover fully. Today, we’ll discuss everything horse owners need to know about suspensory ligament injury in horses, its causes, and potential treatments. But first, let’s familiarize ourselves with the structures involved to […]

Horse Stifle Injuries: Prevention, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

The horse’s stifle joint, often compared to the human knee, is one of the most complex joints in the equine body. Unfortunately, its intricate structure and role in supporting a horse’s weight make it vulnerable to a variety of injuries.  A stifle injury can range from soft tissue injuries involving the medial patellar ligament and […]

Recovery Time for a Sprained Ankle in Horses: What to Expect

Source: Canva Annie and her horse Storm had been practicing hard for months to compete in an exciting cross-country event. Their rigorous training schedule was barely enough as Storm learned to navigate uneven terrains and work through the obstacles, twists, and turns they would have to ride out together.  They were ready for the expected […]

Horse Overreach Injury: A Comprehensive Guide

horse overreach injury

Image courtesy of Canva/Getty Images Signature What is an overreach injury? Overreach injuries occur when the hind foot or hind hoof steps on the front heel or the back of the pastern of the horse’s leg. When the horse is fatigued and is less co-ordinated, or is doing fast work or jumping, this is more […]

Swollen Leg in Horses – Possible Causes and Recommended Treatment

Source: Pexels What do you do when your perfectly healthy horse suddenly suffers from a swollen leg? How do you give it the attention it deserves?  Should you be worried and call the vet right away? In this article, let’s discuss the basics of leg swelling in horses, its possible causes, treatments you can do […]

Natural Pain Relief Options for Horses

Your horse’s muscles endure a lot of strain, no matter the discipline. More so if they’re equine athletes. Those muscles can also get sore and tight whether you’re taking your horse over uneven ground, down hills, or up while trail riding. Don’t worry, though. It’s normal.  Like us humans, your horse’s muscles get tired and […]

How to Reduce Swelling in a Horse’s Leg: Major Causes and Prevention

A variety of factors cause swollen legs in horses. The culprits behind swelling usually include fluid accumulation due to injury or infection, soft tissue damage caused by a sprain or strain, and a lack of blood flow due to damaged blood vessels.  Dealing with swelling due to injuries or physical conditions can be frustrating for […]

How Can I Tell if My Horse is in Pain?

Just like you would learn to interpret signals within the human body as a reason for closer inspection,  so too subtle signs exhibited by your horse can provide you with crucial information about their health.  We’ve put this article together for horse lovers who want to be proactive about their horse’s well-being. Early recognition of […]