Developing Powerful Horse Muscles With Carnosine

Fédération Equestre Internationale Horses, magnificent and powerful creatures, are the heart of many sports and riding disciplines. Their strength, agility, and grace are a marvel, but these qualities are not without their risks. The intricate network of muscles that powers these noble animals is both their source of strength and a potential point of vulnerability. […]

Carnosine – A Groundbreaking Muscle Recovery Supplement For Horses

Copyright ©FEI/Yong Teck Lim Effective muscle recovery involves not just the restoration of strength and elimination of fatigue but also the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissues. This is particularly crucial in horses, given their heavy reliance on muscle strength and endurance for activities ranging from racing and show jumping to dressage and recreational riding. […]

Understanding and Managing Hamstring Injury Recovery in Horses

Dealing with hamstring muscle injuries can be challenging and worrying. However this article will serve as an informative guide for horse owners and caretakers.  We will provide a comprehensive understanding of hamstring injuries, from their causes to their effects on a horse’s mobility. And along with a list of treatments, we will introduce carnosine, a […]

Can a Horse Recover From a Tendon Injury?

Tendon injuries, as one of the most common orthopedic disorders, are a major cause of early retirement or wastage among sport horses. The question: “Can a horse recover from a tendon injury?” is not easily answered since each injury is exacerbated by other factors, such as damage to surrounding structures, the age of the horse, […]

How to Reduce Swelling in a Horse’s Leg: Major Causes and Prevention

A variety of factors cause swollen legs in horses. The culprits behind swelling usually include fluid accumulation due to injury or infection, soft tissue damage caused by a sprain or strain, and a lack of blood flow due to damaged blood vessels.  Dealing with swelling due to injuries or physical conditions can be frustrating for […]

First Signs of Tendon Injury in Horses

Horses are exceptional athletes. Their specialized anatomy makes them fit for various sports, including dressage, endurance, eventing, jumping, horse racing, mounted games, and trekking. Unfortunately, one of the most common injuries that can take horses out of action is damaged tendons, especially in sports that involve jumping and galloping. So, what is the first sign […]