Is Carnosine The Best Supplement For Performance Horses?

As a devoted horse owners, your animal’s health and well-being are undoubtedly at the forefront of your concerns. You invest immeasurable time and effort in exercise routines, specialized training programs, and meticulous care to ensure your horse is in peak physical condition. When it comes to performance horses, the stakes are even higher. These equine […]

CARNOSINE – Everything You Need To Know

CARNOSINE & L-CARNOSINE Table of Contents Carnosine and L-carnosine are two naturally occurring compounds found in various animal tissues, including the human body. Carnosine is a dipeptide consisting of two amino acids, beta-alanine and histidine, while L-carnosine is a form of carnosine that is more bioavailable to the body. Both carnosine and L-carnosine have been […]

Carnosine – A Groundbreaking Muscle Recovery Supplement For Horses

Copyright ©FEI/Yong Teck Lim Effective muscle recovery involves not just the restoration of strength and elimination of fatigue but also the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissues. This is particularly crucial in horses, given their heavy reliance on muscle strength and endurance for activities ranging from racing and show jumping to dressage and recreational riding. […]

Horse Overreach Injury: A Comprehensive Guide

horse overreach injury

Image courtesy of Canva/Getty Images Signature What is an overreach injury? Overreach injuries occur when the hind foot or hind hoof steps on the front heel or the back of the pastern of the horse’s leg. When the horse is fatigued and is less co-ordinated, or is doing fast work or jumping, this is more […]

Swollen Leg in Horses – Possible Causes and Recommended Treatment

Source: Pexels What do you do when your perfectly healthy horse suddenly suffers from a swollen leg? How do you give it the attention it deserves?  Should you be worried and call the vet right away? In this article, let’s discuss the basics of leg swelling in horses, its possible causes, treatments you can do […]